Tarana Wireless Unveils Universal Small Cell Backhaul Solution

Tarana Wireless has revealed its plans to bring a universal small-cell backhaul solution to market that will meet all mobile carrier requirements, and that can be deployed anywhere small cells are located. The universal small cell backhaul solution delivers the lowest total cost of ownership, and is a true metro-scale solution, incorporating dedicated high capacity per wireless link, and the ability to retain performance even as small-cell density increases. In addition, it will support full throughput across a complete range of non-line-of-sight (NLOS) to line-of-sight (LOS) operation, enabling maximum flexibility in deployment. The spectral efficiency and interference immunity will significantly reduce operational costs while increasing link reliability.

Tarana was conceived by a team of engineering researchers associated with the University of California, Berkeley. Their research recognized the escalating worldwide need for a wireless paradigm to overcome the weaknesses of wireless backhaul systems. Together, with industry veteran Dale Branlund, the team conceived of a wireless network that could deliver high capacity anywhere at a low cost. Tarana Wireless was privately funded in 2011 by a syndicate of four globally diversified investors to address the emerging wireless backhaul market opportunity.

The co-founders of Tarana are Dr. Sergiu Nedevschi, chief product officer; Dale Branlund, chief technology officer; Dr. Omar Bakr, chief scientist; Dr. Rabin Patra, vice president systems, and Kevin Jones, vice president product innovation.

“While other vendors have claimed NLOS and high-bandwidth links, the market has confirmed that no small-cell backhaul product to date provides the range, capacity, link availability and scale carriers need to address the exponential growth in wireless data demand,” said Branlund in a press release. “Unfortunately, these limitations are inherent in their legacy approaches. Tarana has created a new paradigm in wireless networking that we are bringing to market.”

“We expect carrier trials over the coming months will confirm Tarana as the new standard for small-cell backhaul across the industry,” commented Steve Sifferman, president and chief executive officer.

Tarana has scheduled carrier trials in the Americas and Europe in 2013.