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Base Station and Backhaul Antennas

Laird Technologies offers a variety of antennas designed to maximize total system performance. Base station and backhaul product lines feature antennas made to meet the most stringent ETSI compliance standards. Base station antennas typically feature maximum null fill to ensure client antennas see consistent gain close to the tower and extending toward the horizon while backhaul antennas are used for long-distance point-to-point links of high-bandwidth data streams. The base station antennas feature maximum spectral efficiency, which allows reutilization of channels in the next over-adjacent-sector antenna. They have reduced crosstalk and reduced interference, an improved S/N ratio and an improved C/I ratio. The antennas have a uniform energy distribution across the coverage area with reduced system overhead to compensate for nulls and hot spots in the coverage area and offer a high quality of service.

Pt.-to-Pt. Microwave Antennas

Radio Waves ProLine antenna series is for terrestrial microwave point-to-point applications, including interconnection of PCS, GSM and cellular base stations. The series consists of single- or dual-polarized standard parabolic (SP series) and high-performance (HP series) antennas. With versions for standard frequency bands from 2 GHz to 40 GHz, the series includes antennas with diameters of 1 foot, 1.5 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet and 6 feet. The antennas are certified by CETECOM ICT Services GmbH to European ETSI standards. They comply with FCC and Industry Canada regulations while meeting or exceeding EIA-195C and EIA-222E standards.

Public Safety Base Station Antennas

Bird Technologies offers an array of RF antennas designed for harsh conditions and challenging situations. A standard broadband antenna series of high-power omnidirectional antennas complements the wide-bandwidth multi-coupling systems covering the 380-MHz through 941-MHz frequency range. Through a true corporate feed design, equal in-phase power is distributed to each radiating element. This method ensures vertical pattern control and shaping, low loss and beam-tilt that does not vary over the operating bandwidth of the antenna. The patented design was achieved through the use of a five-chamber extrusion that acts as the central core of the antenna and provides a low-impedance direct ground for lightning protection.

Plenum-rated Coaxial Cable Assembly

The SPP-LLPL 50-Ohm, low-loss plenum rated/UL-listed coaxial cable assembly family from Times Microwave Systems has been expanded beyond the SPP-250-LLPL one-quarter inch cable to include the SPP-375-LLPL  three-eighths inch and SPP-500-LLPL one-half inch cables for even lower loss. SPP-LLPL cables are designed for in-building solution for PIM-sensitive installations and system interconnects.  Meeting the fire resistance requirements of UL 910 for plenum rated applications, the larger sizes of SPP-LLPL cable assemblies may be used for installations where lower loss is needed. High quality connectors assure excellent and reliable static and dynamic PIM performance better than -155 dBc for applications up to 6 GHz.  All Times plenum cables are UL listed and printed with the UL file number.

SPP-LLPL cable assemblies are available in 1-, 2- and 3-meter pre-assembled lengths with N, 716 DIN, SMA connector interfaces with more to come including the new 4.1/9.5 mini DIN connectors.

Plenum-Rated Omni-directional Antennas

PIM-rated, LTE-ready antennas from Radio Frequency Systems can be concealed for improved aesthetics while meeting stringent building codes. The I-ATO3-698/2700 Series of plenum-rated, PIM-certified omni-directional antennas is designed for broadband in-building distribution of LTE, GSM, CDMA, PCS, 3G, Wi-Fi and WLAN services.

The I-ATO3 series can be used in in-building passive DAS applications. It has an optimized design to avoid passive intermodulation because of its plenum-rated, helically corrugated low-loss pigtail cable with copper outer conductor and factory attached N female connector. The I-ATO3 series also features a PIM rating  of 150 dBc @ 2x20W, and the virtually non-existent upper side lobe reduces interference with cells on other floors, delivering better patterns and superior gain and directivity.