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  • High-angle Rescue Saves Tower Climber

    agl-post-image-defaultA technician who had slipped and fallen off a platform on a cell tower, was rescued by firefighters as he hanged 150 feet above the ground, April 10, in Charlotte, N.C., according to a media accounts. The worker was 8 feet from a platform on the tower, hanging by his safety ... • Continue
  • Rural Alaska To Receive Additional Wireless Service

    agl-post-image-defaultThe FCC has awarded several companies with a total of nearly $50 million to provide 3G and 4G wireless systems in unserved rural areas through the Tribal Mobility Fund. The biggest winner, General Communications was selected to receive $41.4 million to serve more than 37,000 Alaskans across 48 communities. Copper Valley ... • Continue
  • Equipment Shelter Manufacturers Consolidate

    agl-post-image-defaultLooking to increase its product line and market coverage, Thermo Bond Buildings has acquired the precast concrete assets of Mobile/Modular Express II, maker of Reliant Shelters telecom shelters. The acquisition adds a concrete product offering to the existing lightweight, cabinet enclosures and metal structures of Thermo Bond Building.  “The combination of the ... • Continue
  • One Big Tower to Replace Two Blown-over Towers in Massachusetts

    agl-post-image-defaultSomething good may come out of the incident late last month where winds blew over two communications towers on Florida Mountain overlooking North Adams, Mass. The owner of the towers, North Adams Tower Company, is now taking bids to replace the 160-foot cell tower and the 150-foot FM broadcast tower ... • Continue
  • Carrier Spending Keeping Tower Cos. Busy

    agl-post-image-defaultBy Jennifer Fritzsche… We recently conducted our quarterly channel checks with RF engineers and other network contacts in our Rolodex to get a touch point on the current spending environment in the wireless arena and how it will affect the tower companies. Recall that these contacts’ revenue trends tend to have ... • Continue
  • Cincinnati Bell Spectrum Sale Has Interesting Twist

    agl-post-image-defaultCincinnati Bell has sold its wireless spectrum licenses and some tower leases to Verizon Wireless for $210 million. The total value of the deal is estimated to be 4.5 and 6 times 2014 and 2015 adjusted EBITDA, respectively. The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2014. But ... • Continue
  • Sprint Set to Decommission Clearwire Sites, Shed WiMAX

    agl-post-image-defaultIn addition to completing Network Vision, which is set for mid-2014, Sprint has commenced deploying LTE technology on its 800-MHz spectrum and has set out a plan to deploy LTE on some of its Clearwire sites and to decommission others, according to the annual SEC filing, dated Feb. 16, of ... • Continue
  • Mark Malbon Named Talley CFO

    agl-post-image-defaultLos Angeles, CA (April 7, 2014) – Talley Inc., a leading distributor of wireless communications infrastructure and mobile products, has named Mark S. Malbon Chief Financial Officer. Malbon, a Certified Public Accountant, previously served as an Audit Partner with the accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche in Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles. ... • Continue
  • Climber Deaths Expose Danger of Tower Decommissioning

    agl-post-image-defaultThe two men who fell 250 feet from a Union Pacific Railroad communications tower last week in Pottawatomie County, Kansas, were engaging in one of the most dangerous tower climbing jobs: decommissioning a tower. It is a procedure that defies safety precautions such as 100-percent tie-off. Seth Garner, 25, of St. ... • Continue
  • Rural Carriers Urged to Fight Wireless Duopoly

    agl-post-image-defaultIn explaining why he wanted to fight back against the market dominance of AT&T and Verizon Wireless, Masayoshi Son took it down to a personal level as he ended his speech to the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) Global Expo 2014, March 25, in San Antonio, Texas. He said he was born ... • Continue
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  • Time Warner Cable Launches Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi Service

    das-post-image-defaultLaying the groundwork for future Wi-Fi First wireless services, a cable company announced the deployment of Wi-Fi hotspot networks last week. Time Warner Cable (TWC) launched a national Wi-Fi network, using HotSpot 2.0 Passpoint-enabled technology on most of the access points, which allows seamless roaming between Wi-Fi networks similar to the ... • Continue
  • Small Cells Help Locate Emergency Callers

    das-post-image-defaultBy Ernest Worthman… Presently mobile phone networks are required to determine and report the location of E911 emergency calls from phones that are located mostly outdoors. In March, the FCC regulators announced plans for new rules to report, accurately, the location of emergency calls made from smartphones inside buildings. The current ... • Continue
  • Cell Phone Users Have a Soft Spot for Hot Spots

    das-post-image-defaultBy Ernest Worthman… Roughly 45 percent of global wireless traffic was offloaded to Wi-Fi hotspots or 2013, according to Cisco Systems, and this data will continue to increase each year until offloaded traffic surpasses that which stays on the mobile network. By 2017, Wi-Fi will account for 48 percent of the ... • Continue
  • Technology Demo Streams Wireless HD Video

    das-post-image-defaultSteve Perlman, Artemis Networks founder and CEO, recently went back to his alma mater, Columbia University, to demonstrate the pWave technology that his company and PureWave Networks have been working on together. Ten years in development, the personal cell (pCell) technology is a software-defined radio C-RAN connected through fronthaul to ... • Continue
  • Report Pinpoints Triggers for $10B Small Cell Market

    das-post-image-defaultAn industry report predicts a $10 billion market for small cells in 2018, and provides a scientific formula for the tipping point when mass deployments may occur. Small Cells 2014 from Mobile Experts provides analysis of small cells in mobile networks, highlighting the technical and economic factors that drive the ... • Continue
  • From Radisys Comes a Dual-mode Small Cell

    das-post-image-defaultBy Ernest Worthman… Radisys has struck a deal with Broadcom to integrate its Trillium TOTALeNodeB 2.0 small cell software with Broadcoms 617xx Series dual-mode system-on-chip (SoC) solutions. This integrated product enables mobile operators to deploy a dual-mode LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD small cells. What makes this interesting is that the solution can add needed bandwidth ... • Continue
  • Comcast Soars to One Million Wi-Fi Hotspots

    das-post-image-defaultIf there was any question about cable involvement as a Wi-Fi service provider Comcast should have put that to rest this this week as it surpassed one million Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation. Access to the Xfinity Wi-Fi network to customers is a priority for Comcast, according to Marcien Jenckes, ... • Continue
  • FCC Expands Spectrum Available for Outdoor Wi-Fi in 5-GHz Band

    das-post-image-defaultThe FCC has instituted new rules that will make 100 MHz of spectrum in the 5-GHz band more accessible for use in public spaces, such as convention centers, parks and airports. Existing 5-GHz Wi-Fi rules and equipment authorization procedures for devices were streamlined, as well. With the rule changes, the commission ... • Continue
  • Dish Gets a Plate Full of New Spectrum

    das-post-image-defaultThere still is no end in sight to the voracious appetite of wireless operators for additional spectrum. The acquisition of spectrum by mobile operators, who gets what, what they are willing to pay, where they are acquiring, is a rather intimate look into some of the expansion strategies and markets ... • Continue
  • AWS-3 Auction to Offer Up to 40 Megahertz

    das-post-image-defaultThe FCC will announce rules for its AWS-3 spectrum auction, which is set to begin later this year. In this auction, the FCC will likely include up to 40 megahertz of spectrum to be auctioned in the 1.7/2.1 GHz band, in economic area-sized chunks. The remaining 10 megahertz of spectrum ... • Continue
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